Energy consumption calculator

How well is your room insulated

A well insulated room is energy-efficient and comfortable, characterised by high quality insulation in regards to walls, windows, doors, roof/ceiling, floors etc.

What is the average outdoor temperature when heating is needed?

The need for heating is closely related to the average outdoor temperature, which can differ significantly based on geographical location. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the typical temperatures of your specific region during the period when heating is required.

Square metre in room where heating is needed

Room size can vary depending on many factors such as type of room and size of your house/apartment. For instance, an average bedroom size can vary from 10-20 square metres.


Average price per kWh will vary depending on many different factors. Our default on 0.2 euro is a conservative estimate based on numbers from NordPoolGroup. For the best possible calculation, you should always check the electricity price in your country at Nordpoolgroup or a similar service.

Number of months in full operation

This may vary depending on your needs and geographical location. Typically October-February are the coldest months during a year, but you might also need heating for other months.

Preset at the indoor temperatures; 22C daytime, 18C nighttime, 16C away mode (Source).